Social Media Buzzes with Job Offers for New Year’s Eve Party; Taoyuan City Government Urges ‘Do Not Be Fooled or Scammed!’

The “2024 Taoyuan Star City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve celebration will be grandly held on December 31 at the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station Front Square. The announcement of the event’s lineup has sparked heated discussions among fans. However, recently, the Taoyuan City Government has received numerous calls from the public, reporting that various online communities are circulating “job offers for the Taoyuan New Year’s Eve party.” These offers lure victims with promises of access to the rock zone and close contact with idols. Many victims have added a LINE account as a friend and signed up through private messages, only to be tricked by scammers into providing personal information and being roped into selling unknown products. The Taoyuan City Government has issued a statement urgently warning the public not to be deceived!

The organizing committee of the Taoyuan Star City New Year’s Eve party has clarified the situation with part-time and contract workers, confirming that all positions have been filled and no further recruitment is taking place. The statement also confirms that there have been no recent job postings on Facebook or other major social media platforms. The scam groups not only post misleading information on social media but also impersonate staffing agencies to recruit temporary staff. The Taoyuan City Government urges the public to be vigilant against fraud, not to trust information from online communities blindly, and to avoid being deceived which could lead to personal information leakage. In case of suspected fraud, the public is advised to call the 165 anti-fraud hotline or download the Police Service App for consultation.

The “2024 Taoyuan Star City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve celebration will be broadcast live on NTD MUCH, MOD Yi Comprehensive, Yi TV News YouTube, Asia Radio, Feiyang Radio, and the Taoyuan City Government Tourism Bureau’s “Fun Travel in Taoyuan Facebook” page. The public is welcome to watch the event, and more information will be available on the official website of the “2024 Taoyuan Star City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve celebration and the “Fun Travel in Taoyuan Facebook” page.


▲Scam groups openly recruit part-time workers on major social media platforms to deceive victims into giving away their personal information. (Photo provided by ERA)


▲The scam groups lure people with the promise of access to the rock zone and the opportunity for close contact with idols, leading to deception. (Photo provided by ERA)