The most “interstellar” New Year’s Eve celebration in all of Taiwan is right here in Taoyuan! Over 10 performing acts will join the public in counting down to welcome the new year.

The “2024 Taoyuan Interstellar City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve concert will be held on December 31, 2023 (Sunday) at 7:00 PM at the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station Plaza. Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shan-Zheng stated that this year’s New Year’s theme combines the city’s vision to create a more dazzling concert-level stage, aiming to fill the event with a sense of “technology” and “future.” This year’s New Year’s Eve event will be hosted by Yushan, who has hosted the Taoyuan New Year’s Eve event three times, and singer Chen Da-Tian. They form a “new duo, limited combination” to bring excitement to Taoyuan Interstellar City!

At today’s press conference on December 13th, the long-awaited full lineup of performers for Taoyuan’s New Year’s Eve was officially announced. It was also announced that the popular Korean group “N.Flying” will have the dual lead singers Lee Seung-Hyub and Yoo Hwe-Seung to accompany the countdown amid brilliant fireworks, welcoming the new year of 2024 together with Taoyuan. In addition, the press conference also featured performances by the “creative girl group” Boom! Monster Star, who sang their new song “You Will Be There,” and the “versatile idol” Huang Wei-Jin, who sang “I Change When I Sing.” They helped to warm up the Taoyuan New Year’s Eve event.

The “creative girl group” Boom! Monster Star performed their new song “You Will Be There” at the press conference, symbolizing their presence alongside the people of Taoyuan for the New Year’s countdown. The four girls have quirky personalities and a playful appearance. Wei Jia-Ying (Xiao Wei) shared that she used to attend events on her own, but this time she has company with Yu Cai-Zhen (Xiao V), Winnie, and Lin Yi, which feels like they are “fighting monsters together.” They are very excited to stand on the New Year’s Eve stage as a girl group. The “versatile idol” Huang Wei-Jin also appeared at the press conference and sang “I Change When I Sing.” His soulful singing left the audience enchanted. When asked if he has new works planned for next year, Huang Wei-Jin said it’s currently in the works, and he will share the good news when it’s ready. Host Yushan wittily asked, “Will we have a chance to see Huang Wei-Jin’s abs on New Year’s Eve?” This humorous question ignited the atmosphere, and Huang Wei-Jin responded with a hint of reserve, “Perhaps if I’m prepared,” leaving fans even more excited for his performance on New Year’s Eve. Hosts Yushan and Chen Da-Tian will be working together for the first time and displayed excellent chemistry at the press conference. Chen Da-Tian mentioned that they will keep in close communication and build their rapport during this time. Yushan humorously responded, “I need to inform my husband first,” adding a touch of humor to their partnership. Together, they will lead the people of Taoyuan to welcome 2024 with laughter.

The popular Korean group “N.Flying,” consisting of Lee Seung-Hyub and Yoo Hwe-Seung, will serve as the closing guests for the Taoyuan New Year’s Eve event, counting down the new year with the people of Taoyuan. The dual lead singers, Yoo Hwe-Seung and Lee Seung-Hyub, shared that they often spent the year-end in Korea performing or celebrating with their members, and it’s been a while since they watched fireworks, so they are very much looking forward to this year’s Taoyuan fireworks show! To welcome N.Flying to Taoyuan, the Taoyuan City Government has specially arranged fan interaction time, bringing fans closer to their idols. The New Year’s Eve event is set to become a large-scale outdoor fan meeting. N.Flying has held three concerts within a year and earned the title of “Korean group most beloved by fans.” Yoo Hwe-Seung expressed his emotions, saying, “It’s a great gift for us to stand on the New Year’s Eve stage for the first time and welcome the new year with N.Fia (fan club name). I really miss N.Fia, let’s meet soon!” He called on everyone to come to Taoyuan without fail!

Taoyuan Interstellar City STAR UP Singing Lineup Revealed

The “2024 Taoyuan Interstellar City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve concert has invited the dynamic actress Yushan to host for the third time, and singer Chen Da-Tian as her partner. Their first New Year’s collaboration will bring more laughter and joy to Taoyuan’s New Year’s Eve celebration. This year, a total of 13 artist groups have been invited to perform, with the “chart-topping boy band” Power Station leading the opening act. Following them will be the “national queen of love songs” Ding Dang, the “versatile idol” Huang Wei-Jin, the “creative genius” Xiong Zai, the “trendsetting female singer-songwriter” Karencici, the “R&B heartthrob” J.Sheon, the “creative girl group” Boom! Monster Star, the “rising young singer” Hong Wei-Zhe, the “dad singer” Tian Ya-Huo, the “e-commerce queen” Mavis, the “unconventional female voice” Yan Yi-Ge, and Taoyuan’s exclusive performer, the “handsome male star” Chen Hao-Sen, and many other Chinese-language singers will take the stage in succession, and Korean artists “N.Flying” Lee Seung-Hyub and Yoo Hwe-Seung will be the closing guests, accompanying the crowd until the end of the event, creating joyful and unforgettable memories of Taoyuan’s New Year’s Eve.

Free Shuttle Buses on the Taoyuan/Chungli Line, Airport MRT Runs for 41 Hours

Taoyuan City Government’s Tourism and Travel Bureau Director Chou Bai-Yin mentioned that in order to meet the public’s desire for a festive New Year’s celebration, this year’s event includes many convenient transportation services as in previous years. This includes the “free shuttle buses” plan, offering both Taoyuan Line (Red Line, board at Taoyuan Train Station Rear Station directly to the venue) and Chungli Line (Green Line, board at Chungli Train Station Yuanhua Road, get off at A22 Station, then transfer to the Airport MRT). To effectively disperse the crowd, in addition to coordinating the optimization of evacuation routes for Taoyuan’s Mass Rapid Transit, the Airport MRT will also operate continuously for 41 hours. You can also take the High-Speed Rail and city buses directly to the venue. For those driving to the event, this year’s plan includes free parking lots for cars and motorcycles, as well as allowing parking along some nearby roads with red and yellow lines. Additionally, there are public and privately operated 24-hour parking lots near the venue. This year, Taoyuan City will cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom to use big data analysis to monitor the flow of people during the New Year’s Eve event. This information will be used to

optimize traffic control and transportation plans, providing more convenient services. The Taoyuan City Government’s Tourism and Travel Bureau reminds the public that there will be road traffic control around the venue on the day of the event. Please visit the “2024 Taoyuan New Year’s Eve Concert” event website for information on traffic control.

Exciting Highlights and a Chance to Win VIP Passes with Sincere Confessions

At the event venue, a Taoyuan Interstellar City entrance landscape will be created for people to take photos and share their experiences. This year, a “Night Owl Food Market” is specially planned with over 50 stalls and food trucks. After the New Year’s Eve event, there’s no need to rush home—you can stay at the venue and enjoy delicious food before heading home, satisfying your taste buds. The service counter is also preparing limited edition blue and white glow sticks to provide for free, so attendees can have fun taking photos, eating, and taking home souvenirs.

In addition, this year’s New Year’s Eve event introduces the “Order from the Universe ~ Win VIP Passes” online activity. The activity is open from now until December 17th. By completing specified missions on the official website, participants have a chance to win VIP passes. There are only 20 passes available, with each person eligible to win up to 2 VIP passes. Winners can experience the charm of the artists up close in the VIP Rock Zone. Mayor Zhang also mentioned that this year’s event is collaborating with local accommodation providers in Taoyuan to offer special New Year’s Eve promotions. Over 25 local accommodation providers are participating, welcoming visitors to stay and enjoy the attractions of Taoyuan during the New Year’s holiday.

The entire “2024 Taoyuan Interstellar City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve concert will be livestreamed on Era TV, MOD NEXT TV, Era TV News Channel on YouTube, Asia Radio, Fly FM Radio, and the Taoyuan City Government’s “Fun Taoyuan Facebook” page. More information about the event will be announced on the “2024 Taoyuan Interstellar City STAR UP” New Year’s Eve concert event website and the “Fun Taoyuan Facebook” page.

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